This page will walk you through setting up your sensor. This include downloading the app, pairing your sensor, and setting up notifications.

Connect the Sensor

  • Download our app here:
  • [Altrara Battery Monitor only] Connect the Altrara Battery Monitor directly to a battery using the Altrara SAE Cable or connect it to the OBD2 port in your vehicle using the Altrara OBD2 SAE Cable.
  • [Altrara Temperature and Altrara Movement sensors only] Install 2AA batteries in your sensor.
  • Pair your sensor.
    • In order to pair your sensor, you need to have a strong wifi signal. Make sure your wifi is strong where your sensor will be located. If the wifi signal is weak, consider purchasing a wifi repeater to strengthen the signal. The sensor will not pair and check in correctly if the wifi signal is weak.
    • Make sure your cell phone is connected to the wifi network that you want your sensor to connect to.
    • Open the Altrara app on your phone and click "Add Sensor".
    • The app will scan for a sensor and show it once it's found.
    • Enter a sensor name and verify the wifi credentials (network name and password).
    • Click "Link Sensor".
  • Your sensor is now connected and you will see it in the app.

Add Notification(s)

  1. Open the Altrara app.
  2. Click the sensor that you want to add a notification for.
  3. Click the + button and then click "Add Notification".
  4. Configure the notification settings.
  5. Click "Add Notification".

Remove Notification(s)

  1. Open the Altrara app.
  2. Click the "Account" tab at the bottom of the app.
  3. Click "Notification Settings".
  4. Click the notification you want to remove.
  5. Click "Remove Notification".
  6. The notification is now deleted.